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I’ve seen a lot of people asking about the discontinuation of Galaco’s voice bank by Vocaloid, so here are the details taken from the official site (translated by me).


Vocaloid will be stopping the usage of the Galaco voice library.


The original plan was to stop usage on April 30, but has been extended to October 31, 2013. Requests to have this extended usage must be sent by June 30.


If you would like to continue using Galaco until the extended deadline, you have to REQUEST usage!! You need to send an email to Vocaloid at
In the email, please include your current Serial Code number, and note that all support/replies will be done in Japanese only.


For those who don’t speak Japanese, here’s an email template:

VOCALOID™3 Library galaco(ギャラ子) 継続使用申込み

名前: Your name

シリアルコード:Serial Code



Please feel free to message me if you have any questions, shall publicly post answers to try to help everyone :D


Shibasaki Kou - ANOTHER:WORLD (Anime Version)

In Shibasaki Kou’s new single ANOTHER:WORLD released on June 13th, the DVD includes two versions of the song’s music video, one being an ANIME VERSION featuring her transforming into an anime Galaco in order to cross into another world. 

I think I might buy this single just to get an official Galaco PV ♥


The Galaco individual products have been added to the Vocaloid Online Store as of today! I also included a slightly higher quality photo of the concept art for reference :)

I’m thinking of getting one of these for myself, so if anyone is interested I could do a group order (of Galaco items only) ~!